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February 02, 2018  

Wheeler Leaves Top Research Post at S&P

Darrell Wheeler resigned as S&P’s research chief for global structured finance last week.

Wheeler, who was a managing director, said he wants to explore opportunities around the application of new analytical tools to loans, including blockchain technology and machine learning.

“There are some extraordinary opportunities opening up in these areas, both in the United States and overseas,” he said.

Wheeler is a well-known figure in commercial MBS circles. He spent 15 years at Citigroup, where he rose to managing director and global head of securitized strategy and analysis. In 2009, he moved over to Amherst Pierpont Securities as a senior managing director in charge of CMBS strategy.

When Howard Esaki retired as S&P’s global head of structured-finance research three years ago, Wheeler took over the high-profile post, analyzing the CMBS sector and other structured-finance markets.

His responsibilities have been absorbed by managing director Winston Chang, now global head of structured finance analytics and research.